WID 6.1.2 launch problem

Having to migrate to Vista, I took this opportunity to upgrade my Websphere Integration Developer to the latest and greatest WID 6.1.2 just released by IBM. And the first immediate problem I’ve encoutered – it just would not startup! Every try to start WID gets the error with printout of all the startup parameters:

JVM termintaed. Exit code =1

I have scanned all the newsgroups – apparently this problem existed before this release in other IBM and Eclipse based products. IBM support site suggests it may be due to the java cache and -Xshareclasses flag:

Rational Software Development Platform desktop product fails to launch

And numerous newsgroups publishing workarounds:
Java Ranch

The solution for the new WID 6.1.2 was to clear out eclipse.ini from all the arguments leaving only 2 lines specifying the jdk to call:


And Wow – it’s starting up.

I have played with all the parameters by adding/removing them from eclipse.ini and the offending one was – Xmx1024m, specifying the maximum java heap. (decreasing it to 512m – helped in my case) Looks like launcher tries to start up few java processes and exhausted the RAM available on the laptop.

Anyways just clear out eclipse.ini and leave 2 line – it will work with defaults.


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