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Plugins integration with WID 6.1.2

November 18, 2008 8 comments

The new WID 6.1.2 hides plugin installation by default. I was looking for usual Eclipse menu Help->Software Updates->Find and Install to point to Site for installing the plugin, but it disappead. The trick was to switch from the default “Business Integration” perspective to “Resources” and then “Software Updates” are back and working.

Of course other ways of copying jars to features/plugins and links are still working, but the managed updates via Eclipse seems to be more elegant way. (

Collection of useful SOA and general plugins:

  1. Subclipse plugin installation instructions : Subversion integartion
  2. SoapUI Plugin – Web Service Testing
  3. BIRT Plugin – useful for Tivoli Common Reporting on SOA infrastructure
  4. WSRR Plugin – Webservice registry and repository plugin