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Websphere wsadmin.bat utility running out of memory

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Recently we have encountered Memory problems running Websphere wsadmin based scripts.

We were trying to retrieve large amount of CBE events from WESB using eventquery.bat script and default 256K memory settings were easily exhausted.

Our first option was to find in wsadmin.bat the line shown below and increase it

set PERFJAVAOPTION=-Xms256m -Xmx256m -Xj9 -Xquickstart


 But of course we wanted somewhat more elegant solution and came by the following IBM Tech Note, with the ‘javaoption’ parameter described:


 Instead of modyfing wsadmin.bat file passing ‘javaoption’ parameters worked perfectly

wsadmin.bat   -javaoption –Xms256m -javaoption –Xmx768m .. rest of parameters…

or in event query case:

eventquery.bat   -javaoption –Xms256m -javaoption –Xmx768m .. rest of parameters…


WID 6.1.2 launch problem

June 30, 2008 1 comment

Having to migrate to Vista, I took this opportunity to upgrade my Websphere Integration Developer to the latest and greatest WID 6.1.2 just released by IBM. And the first immediate problem I’ve encoutered – it just would not startup! Every try to start WID gets the error with printout of all the startup parameters:

JVM termintaed. Exit code =1

I have scanned all the newsgroups – apparently this problem existed before this release in other IBM and Eclipse based products. IBM support site suggests it may be due to the java cache and -Xshareclasses flag:

Rational Software Development Platform desktop product fails to launch

And numerous newsgroups publishing workarounds:
Java Ranch

The solution for the new WID 6.1.2 was to clear out eclipse.ini from all the arguments leaving only 2 lines specifying the jdk to call:


And Wow – it’s starting up.

I have played with all the parameters by adding/removing them from eclipse.ini and the offending one was – Xmx1024m, specifying the maximum java heap. (decreasing it to 512m – helped in my case) Looks like launcher tries to start up few java processes and exhausted the RAM available on the laptop.

Anyways just clear out eclipse.ini and leave 2 line – it will work with defaults.