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Detect/Report orhaned objects in Datapower

December 4, 2012 Leave a comment

A quick tip from HermannSW

Simple and not well-known facility in DataPower for detecting/reporting orphaned objects!

  • open a service, eg. a XML FW.
  • then click on “Conformance” link in “General” tab
  • deselect the “WS-I-*” validators
  • select the “DataPower Configuration Profiler”
  • select what you want to validate (by default the object you opened)
  • click on “Validate”

Reported messages for one of my XML FWs (with references to the objects):
“Configuration is defined, but not referenced!!”
“Document cache of xml-manager is disabled. Disabling the document cache might impact the performance.”


Custom authorization in Datapower

October 12, 2010 1 comment

We have an enterprise authorization web service integrated to our Datapower Appliance as a custom AAA step.Everything seemed to work fine but it was showing “authorization failed” all the time.

The simple trick was to  just to put the <approved/> node in the stylesheet and the resulting node tree in case of success..

Simple, but have to know …

From Datapower Authentication and Authorization Redbook :

– Custom template
Authorization might be managed through an XSL stylesheet. Two different outputs are also possible for this XSL:

• The <approved/> element, which means “authorization success” to the DataPowerAAA framework

• The <declined/> element, which means “authorization failure”